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How do I send secure files and emails?
Last Updated 7 months ago

To send secure files and emails you will need to have Encyro installed.
If you do not have Encyro installed you will need to send a request to IOXO support requesting this to be installed.

To send secure files or messages via email using Microsoft Outlook.

1.Create email message.

2.Attach any file if needed

3.Select Send Secure Message from the menu bar of Microsoft Outlook

4.You be asked to log in to Encyro.

5.Using your IOXO username and password log into Encyro.

6.Send your email

7.You will receive information informing you that your message has been sent

8.You will receive a notification email indicating when a person opens and views the secure message.

To open the secure message.

1.Receive email in email system

2.Select to view message

3.User will be taken to site to view message.

Note:By default a person who does not have a version of Encyro will have 5 days to open the file.

For more help about Encyro see the attached video:

Encyro Training

Receiving Messages

Compliance Information

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